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Are you ready for the peak season of MACs and GWACs?

Washington Technology

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the government’s annual buying cycle where purchases peak in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, but did you know there’s a similar cycle for multiple award (MACs) and government wide acquisition contracts (GWACs)—and the cycle for these contracts peaks every 10 years. For those who are deeply involved with MACs and GWACs, it will come as no surprise that 2015 and 2016 straddle the 10-year buying peak with more than a dozen major vehicles being competed or recompeted now. For companies that depend on these contracts for access to the market, now is a critical time to renew vehicles and/or gain market access through the award of new vehicles. Once the peak buying cycle passes, the competition for these vehicles will slow to a trickle with one or maybe two vehicles competed each year until the next peak comes in 2025 and 2026. … Continue reading Are you ready for the peak season of MACs and GWACs?

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