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Applying an Agile Tool to Make Your Proposal Processes Better

Using lessons learned from each proposal effort to improve our approach the next time

We talk about it in our proposals. We know it works. Agile practitioners take it seriously and are diligent about its use. What is it? It’s the idea of using lessons learned from each proposal effort to improve our approach the next time. In the Agile Scrum world, they call it a Retrospective. APMP best practices suggest that conducting a lessons-learned review on each major bid opportunity is a critical best practice.  APMP suggests that after a proposal is submitted, the proposal team meets to discuss: What went right? What went wrong? What deficiencies can we correct in processes or approach, and what winning processes/methods should we repeat on future opportunities? Lessons learned should be well documented and stored for others to access and reference on future opportunities. I suggest that rather than wait until the proposal is submitted, we have our proposal teams capture lessons learned across the proposal lifecycle. … Continue reading Applying an Agile Tool to Make Your Proposal Processes Better

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Agile Proposal Management – Proposal Team Roles

Agile practitioners value individuals and interactions over processes and tools

The Agile Manifesto talks about people, communications, the product, and flexibility. With respect to people, Agile practitioners value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. It takes a team to produce a winning proposal, and they must work together effectively through productive interactions. This does not mean that processes and tools are not important, but simply that the interaction between people on the team is more important. Team efforts to explore the requirements, work through solutioning, ghost the competition, and clearly identify corporate strengths is better accomplished through personal communication, brainstorming, and collaboration than by email, spreadsheets, documents, or automated analysis tools. Consider today’s tools that can generate the compliance matrix for you. When I use one, I still prepare my own compliance matrix, and often have another person do the same to compare our interpretations, cross-check each other, and to ensure complete comprehension. As you adopt an agile, Scrum approach … Continue reading Agile Proposal Management – Proposal Team Roles

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Agile proposal management—team values

I was recently asked if I have used agile for proposal management on a bid to the Federal Government. This individual was working on a proposal where the targeted contract provides agile software engineering services for a major Federal Agency’s mission support systems. The individual was considering the application of agile principles to the proposal process itself—a great way to demonstrate corporate commitment to agile philosophies! This is an idea I have considered for almost 4 years but have yet to find the right environment/opportunity to put completely into practice. I am a Certified Scrum Master and work on many bids that involve agile methodologies as part of the solution. I suggest the principles of agile and scrum provide opportunities to improve our processes and the outcome of our proposals—that is, improve our win rates. The Five Scrum Values—applied to proposal management In this and future articles, I’ll explore the … Continue reading Agile proposal management—team values

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Does Agile project management have a place in proposal management?

2014 APMP-NCA Mid-Atlantic Conference

IT projects today frequently employ an Agile development approach. At the 2014 APMP-NCA Mid-Atlantic Conference, Maryann Lesnick looked at these Agile approaches, and in particular the Scrum model, to answer the question: Does Agile Project Management have a place in Proposal Management? On Scrum projects, there are three roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Team. Can these roles translate into our industry? What are the parallels between software engineering and proposal management? What can we learn from Agile software engineering disciplines that can be applied to proposal management? What new benefits might be realized from making the proposal and BD lifecycle more agile? Download Maryann’s presentation to get some new ideas about how to manage proposal efforts with increased agility. Connect with Maryann on LinkedIn

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