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Confessions of a proposal production expert – editing (Part 3 of 5)

This week, Briana Coleman, PPM.APMP shares her top 3 tips for editing a proposal to get within page count—along with a tip about redacted proposals. Your editor should understand the standard style guide you developed as a company standard and use that style guide in editing your proposal. In addition to examining grammar, one-voicing, and style, editors can be very useful in helping authors tighten up sentences and get sections within page count. I once cut five pages from a document simply by using the following tricks. Tip 1: Lengthy team names Many primes with multiple subs will dub themselves The XYZ Company Team in proposals. While having a team name creates brand identity, it can take up a lot of room when repeated 100+ times in a document. Try using Team XYZ, or even better, we/us/our to shorten the character length considerably. You’ll want to use Team XYZ a … Continue reading Confessions of a proposal production expert – editing (Part 3 of 5)

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Confessions of a proposal production expert – graphic design (Part 2 of 5)

In this post, Briana Coleman, PPM.APMP shares her top 4 tips for developing graphics for a proposal. Tip 1: Develop graphics as the exact size you need For example, if the final graphic must be 3”x4” to fit on the page, have your graphic artist render the graphic at that size. Do not render the graphic at 6”x8” and then size it down when you insert it into your document. When you re-size the graphic in your document, everything gets smaller—including the font. If your graphic designer used a compliant font size in the initial rendering, and you size the graphic down to fit on your page, you are now non-compliant. Story: On a large proposal, I assumed my graphic artist knew this tip. We went through a conceptualization phase, got approval at Red Team, and sent him off to render a few dozen graphics. He delivered the final graphics … Continue reading Confessions of a proposal production expert – graphic design (Part 2 of 5)

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Announcing free Lohfeld Consulting Group business winning webinar series

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We’re delighted to announce the creation of the Lohfeld Consulting Group Business Winning webinar series. Top PC/Mac proposal development tools and tricks – July 23 Bold trends in capture and proposal management – September 11 How to reduce proposal development costs and get the most out of your proposal development budget – November 20 Led by our capture and proposal experts, our bi-monthly webinars will present advancements in business development, capture management, and proposal management. Our first webinar, sponsored in conjunction with APMP’s Nor’easters Chapter, features our very own AppMaven, Beth Wingate, who’ll share how to more efficiently and effectively create winning proposals using her Top PC/Mac tools and tricks. Next, Bob Lohfeld will share Bold trends in capture and proposal management. In an increasingly competitive global market, top tier companies are adapting and executing new practices to increase their win probabilities. This webinar will present some of the more … Continue reading Announcing free Lohfeld Consulting Group business winning webinar series

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The 25% solution

This week, Brenda Crist described the 25% Solution and provides advice for proposal managers who become defacto capture managers once an RFP drops. I titled this post the 25% Solution because proposal managers often have little more than 25% of the solution completed before the request for proposal (RFP) drops. According to proposal best practices, by the time the RFP drops, a company should have: An established relationship with the client or at least a dialogue with the client A solution for performing the work or at least a concept of operations (CONOPS) A price-to-win (PTW) strategy or at least an idea of the customer’s budget Knowledge of the competition’s solution, PTW, or organizational capabilities Partners in place to help close solution gaps with signed non-disclosure agreements (NDA) Subject matter experts (SME) available and willing to help craft the solution When given a 25% solution, the proposal manager becomes a … Continue reading The 25% solution

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