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How integrated capture and proposal software can help you win before RFP release

Webinar replay

Tired of wasting your precious limited resources going after those “pop-up must wins” in an undisciplined way? OK, so you don’t have enough time, staff or budget to do what you need to do to win. Who does? So you just wait until the RFP is released to ensure the opportunity is “real” before you do anything, which will maximize the use of those limited resources, right? Wrong. In this webinar, Tom Gorman shows you how the right integrated Capture and Proposal software solution can help you do it the right way, focusing on the things that are truly important, positioning your team to win before the RFP is even released, and finishing strong with a winning proposal. Affordably. Efficiently. Correctly. Click to watch the webinar replay Download the webinar slides Top Takeaways: What are the no-kidding things you need to be doing during Capture, given your limited resources, and … Continue reading How integrated capture and proposal software can help you win before RFP release

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More Go-to-Market Q&A with Kevin Young

After our Top Ten ‘Go-to-Market’ Mistakes Made by Federal Contractors (click to watch webinar and download slides) webinar, we received a number of follow-up questions from viewers. Here are a few questions with Kevin Young’s answers. Q: In terms of understanding client needs, have you conducted focus groups, and do you have insights in that regard? A:  There are two types of clients here: our direct clients (federal contractors) and their clients (Federal Government). For the former, I employ a SWOT analysis, primary research in the form of a white board working session (aka stakeholder focus group) as a component of Go-to-Market strategy and planning to understand needs. For the latter, I usually rely on accurate and consistent secondary data via industry analysts/researchers (e.g., Bloomberg, Deltek GovWin, IDC, Gartner) and the government itself (e.g., OMB, OPM,  Congressional budgets, General Services Administration (GSA), Federal Business Opportunities (FBO), and/or Federal Procurement Data … Continue reading More Go-to-Market Q&A with Kevin Young

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Are you happy with 50 percent?

APMP Bid & Proposal Con 2014 presentation

Download Are you happy with 50 percent? Lisa Pafe, APMP Bid & Proposal Con 2014 presentation Are you happy with 50 percent?  That’s what Don Draper of Mad Men asked his creative team when their win rate declined and motivation lagged. Research shows contractor proposal win rates are typically in the 30-50 percent range.  Often, as Capture or Proposal Manager, we sense that our team’s productivity level is at 30-50 percent as well. This presentation challenges us to think outside the box to better manage our bid and proposal (B&P) teams, resulting not only in productivity gains but also increased win rates. Lisa applies organizational theory and lessons learned for greater effectiveness and focuses on innovative solutions to team productivity issues such as low morale, poor quality work, bad decisions, conflicts and non-compliance. Just like Don Draper, we can expect more and get more from our B&P teams.

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How and when to talk to your customer

Bob Lohfeld tracks the misconceptions about communications during the procurement process

Everyone seems to want better communication between government and industry during the procurement process, and yet when we ask how well government and industry communicate, the answer is always the same—not very well. One reasonably knowledgeable procurement official explained to me that the reason for this is that if he talks with one company, then he has to talk with all of them, and he simply doesn’t have time to do that. Instead, he makes it his practice to talk with no one. Wow! We all want a level playing field when it comes to federal procurement, but nowhere do the rules say the government has to level every player. How could this procurement official have gotten it so wrong? Here’s some insight into what the rules are for communication during the acquisition life cycle… Download and read Bob’s latest article. Email your comments to me at This article … Continue reading How and when to talk to your customer

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