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Capture and proposal innovations: the year that was and the year ahead

At the start of Fiscal Year 2014, many made bold predictions of a better year ahead. Post-sequestration, pundits also predicted that the pendulum would begin to swing away from Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) and back to Best Value as agencies experienced the low-quality results of relying on price as the determining evaluation factor. However, despite this optimism, most warned that contractors would need to sharpen their pencils and put on their innovation thinking caps to succeed in the ever-increasingly competitive market. As we enter 2015, innovative companies willing to embrace change are more likely to succeed because they understand the realities of the market and strategize proactively. Looking ahead, what are the innovations—ones that are desirable to customers, possible given constraints such as budget and time, and viable given market developments—that will boost successful outcomes for capture and proposal professionals? Here are five areas to consider. Price to win … Continue reading Capture and proposal innovations: the year that was and the year ahead

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A data driven approach to partnering – webinar replay

Bloomberg Government and Lohfeld Consulting Group webinar

Aligning yourself with the right partner is central to winning federal business. All too often, companies base teaming decisions on legacy relationships, gossip, and the fact that a vendor has expressed interest. Winners make informed decisions by leveraging data. Bloomberg Government, in partnership with Lohfeld Consulting Group and our Principal Consultant Tom Gorman, hosted a webinar where we demonstrated in real-time how attendees can use data and tools to make informed teaming decisions that will result in more business opportunities. Click to watch the webinar replay.  

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Q&A Part 1 from 7 secrets from inside government source evaluations and how you can use them to create winning proposals

Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar Q&A

Do you know how the government really evaluates proposals? Have you ever wondered what they look for when they read through each offer and what they like and dislike when scoring proposals? Not knowing this makes submitting a proposal to the U.S. Government like firing a shot across their bow. What happens on the “other side” is a mystery to most contractors, and debriefs often don’t tell the whole story. Or, even half the story! This is because those who prepare proposals and those who evaluate them have vastly different perspectives. In this webinar, we release the results of our 3-year research project on how the government evaluates proposals and what capture and proposal managers need to know in order to create better, higher-scoring proposals and win more highly competitive bids. Watch the webinar replay to hear Wendy Frieman, Lohfeld Principal Consultant, provide lessons from the “other side of the … Continue reading Q&A Part 1 from 7 secrets from inside government source evaluations and how you can use them to create winning proposals

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Is price reasonableness really unreasonable?

Washington Technology Article

With so many IT and professional services contracts being awarded to the lowest priced offeror, you have to wonder if the government is worried about awarding contracts to firms whose prices are unreasonably low. As it turns out, in many procurements the government does not look for unreasonably low prices, and in some instances, is prohibited from doing so. In these procurements, low price has no floor. The rules for examining price reasonableness and cost realism are complex and generally not well understood by capture and proposal professionals, so I thought I would point out some of the more interesting aspects of these rules about how low you can go… Download and read Bob’s latest article. Email your comments to me at This article was originally published December 15, 2014 in    

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