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Pick the deals you can win: Bob Lohfeld

In Depth with Francis Rose

The government typically spends around a third of its budget in the last quarter of the fiscal year. Time is running out for companies to get a piece of that business. Bob Lohfeld  tells In Depth with Francis Rose he’s got a five-step plan to help you get your share. Click to listen

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The challenging search for good procurement practices

Washington Technology Article

A year ago, headlines were all about IT procurement reform, with Congress threatening to impose new rules on government that promised to increase effectiveness and improve results. This quickly gave way to more sage advice arguing that what we needed was not procurement reform, but instead, continual and incremental improvements in procurement processes and adoption of best procurement practices. Today, I see little evidence that the government procurement market is converging on the best IT procurement practices. Instead, agencies appear to be adopting diverse strategies focusing on finding expedient, protest-resistant procurement solutions rather than focusing on enhancing mission outcomes. Many of these practices are gaining market share, but may fall short of achieving long-term mission objectives and have unintended outcomes that ultimately may prove disadvantageous to both government and industry. Let me give you some examples. GSA GWACS Both OASIS and the upcoming Alliant II large and small business procurements … Continue reading The challenging search for good procurement practices

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[Webinar replay ] Increasing your competitiveness and proposal excellence

Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar

In this webinar, Bob Lohfeld discussed the government’s shrinking budget, enhanced competing to increase corporate revenues and maintain profits, and fierce competition in smaller markets raising competitiveness standards for all bidders. Bob also explored objectives of winning proposals, critical evaluation factors, how you should look at your proposals for competitiveness, and a new standard for excellence with your proposals. Click to watch the webinar replay and download the presentation.   During the webinar, Bob referenced our Win Rates Double with 7 Quality Measures research report on strengths-based solutioning and what content evaluators are looking for in your proposals. Click to download Win Rates Double with 7 Quality Measures research report  

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Win rates double with seven quality measures – updated

Lohfeld Consulting Group Research Report

Lohfeld Consulting Group’s seven quality measures more than double proposal win rates. This is a bold statement, but we proved it by applying our proposal review methodology on 23 bids for six customers. Using our quality measures as the basis for color team review and recovery, we helped government contractors achieve positive results that they can now adopt to compete more effectively in a highly competitive marketplace. The problem Color team reviews have a major bearing on proposal quality. An effective review means the difference between a merely Acceptable proposal and an Outstanding bid that results in a win. However, proposal reviews are quite often disorganized and highly ineffective. Reviewers pay little attention to factors that matter most to evaluators and instead provide qualitative feedback that the proposal team finds difficult to implement during the recovery stage. Because the review process lacks a structured framework, proposal recovery is equally disorganized. … Continue reading Win rates double with seven quality measures – updated

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