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Capture and proposal innovations: Heed the law of physics

A law of physics states that “an object at rest tends to remain at rest, and an object in motion tends to remain in motion.” Scientists call this tendency inertia. The same holds true for our professional growth. When we do the same thing day after day, our aspirations wither on the vine. When you enable stagnation by remaining at rest, you end up making yourself and those around you miserable. Are you stuck in your cubicle or war room staring at the four walls and wondering how to ignite fresh career growth? So many of us think that being a great capture or proposal professional involves a lot of time at the office. We tell ourselves that now isn’t the right time to try something new, that we’re too busy to find time to work out, much less explore new career avenues. Somehow, it’s never the right time to … Continue reading Capture and proposal innovations: Heed the law of physics

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Dealing with employment dissatisfaction: Change what’s in your control

When faced with workplace dissatisfaction, most people try to change their environments when they should be changing themselves

Few of us have ever worked in an ideal proposal shop. In most casual conversations at conferences and social gatherings, proposal professionals reveal exasperation with some aspect of their company—a disconnect between upper management and proposal managers, lack of resources, or long hours. Employees who are unsatisfied at work often try to change their workplace, which is a futile exercise. Unless an employee is in a position of power, it’s unlikely he or she can solve the larger issues leading to dissatisfaction. To get a reprieve at work, it’s more useful to examine what changes you can make to your own behaviors and beliefs. If you’re frustrated by the amount of hours you’re working and feeling trapped, read Michael Hyatt’s post about identifying and breaking through your own limiting beliefs. According to Hyatt, you could be underestimating your own agency, falsely believing there are no other options, or you could … Continue reading Dealing with employment dissatisfaction: Change what’s in your control

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Bob Lohfeld: Are worst acquisition practices converging at DoD?

In Depth with Francis Rose

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) this year includes some big reforms for acquisition at the Defense Department. It’s the latest attempt to improve how the government gets the things it needs. Bob Lohfeld wrote about the challenging search for good procurement practices. He wrote that he sees little evidence of convergence on the best acquisition practices. In Depth with Francis Rose asked him if he sees a convergence of the worst acquisition practices instead. Click to listen

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Capture the top 20 contract opportunities in FY 2016 [webinar replay]

Lohfeld | Bloomberg Webinar

Join the Lohfeld Consulting Group and Bloomberg Government contracting and data teams as we explore the top 20 Federal Government contracting opportunities of FY16 – worth more than $300 billion. With billions at stake, learn how our deep data tools and analysis help take advantage of the biggest opportunities of the year. Topics Include: Trends to Watch:  Understand the five most important trends in FY16 you should watch to stay ahead of your competition and win more business Top Opportunities:  Find out how we can help you win Alliant 2, OASIS On-Ramps, VETS-2, Encore III and other major contracts worth billions Areas of Growth:  Focus on opportunities in cybersecurity, cloud, mobility, health IT, and Special Operations  Click to watch the webinar replay Speakers: Brian Friel, Senior Contracts Analyst, Bloomberg Government Kevin Brancato, Director of Government Contracts Research, Bloomberg Government Robert Lohfeld, CEO, Lohfeld Consulting Group Click to watch the webinar replay  

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