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Alliant 2: What does GSA want?

The General Services Administration released the final Alliant 2 Unrestricted and Small Business RFPs on June 24. Companies have until Aug. 29 to submit their six volumes, including the self-scoring template and all verification documentation. One of the biggest questions now is whether to team, but many contractors are finding the options presented in the final RFPs confusing. Experience and past performance must have been performed as a prime Whether you are a large or small business, all project experience and past performance claimed must have been performed as a prime. That requirement does not preclude teaming, but instead means that the project points can be claimed for prime contracts only. All bidders may also submit project experience, past performance, as well as systems, certifications, and clearances of corporate entities with whom they have a “meaningful relationship,” for example, a parent company, subsidiary, or affiliate. May large businesses team? Large … Continue reading Alliant 2: What does GSA want?

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Bidding to win – Bob Lohfeld on Amtower Off Center

Mark Amtower interviews Bob Lohfeld on bidding to win, DOD and civilian contracting, and more

“Amtower Off Center” host Mark Amtower interviews Lohfeld Consulting Group CEO Bob Lohfeld on the state of the market and bidding to win. Click to listen to the interview Their discussion topics include: DOD and civilian spending, 2011 versus 2016 IT spending in the same period The trend toward contract consolidation and why companies need to win MACs and GWACs What it takes to win, including Lohfeld Consulting Group’s seven facets of a winning proposal (read more and download Lohfeld Consulting Group’s seven quality measures) DOD’s memorandum regarding Source Selection Procedures (read more and download) The role of digital content in positioning your company The use of “automated capture management” solutions Mark Amtower – Hosted by nationally known speaker and consultant Mark Amtower, “Amtower Off-Center” highlights the good, the bad, the ugly, and the just plain silly of doing business in the government market. Every week experts join Mark for … Continue reading Bidding to win – Bob Lohfeld on Amtower Off Center

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Replay & podcast | Ask the Govcon Experts | Bob Lohfeld & Bill Gormley answer your top BD, capture, and proposal-related questions

Download the webinar replay and podcast

BD, capture, and proposal professionals face more challenges today than ever before: Increased competition for declining federal contract dollars Difficulties getting face time with government customers New DoD Source Selection Procedures that will affect how you compete to win negotiated procurements How to navigate OPM’s category management initiative GSA’s growing role in federal IT procurements Atrophied or overly complex BD, capture, and proposal processes—or no processes Pipelines filled with too many unqualified deals—or no pipeline at all “Have to bid more to win more” mind sets Lack of trained, agile “proposal factory” capabilities Listen to Lohfeld Consulting Group and The Coalition for Government Procurement experts as they answer your top BD, capture, and proposal-related questions. Find out how to help your company work smarter and reinvent what you’re doing to remain competitive in today’s GovCon market. Watch the webinar replay and listen to the podcast (MP3)   Listen to the … Continue reading Replay & podcast | Ask the Govcon Experts | Bob Lohfeld & Bill Gormley answer your top BD, capture, and proposal-related questions

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Category management: change is coming!

General Services Administration (GSA) category management initiatives are posing real risks to the federal contracting community, yet many companies are uneducated and unprepared for imminent change. Bloomberg Government estimates that $1.2 trillion in contracts are at risk of being consolidated into new categories of Multiple Award Contracts (MACs). Led by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP), GSA and other agencies will group products and services into 19 new categories, crossing both civilian and defense agencies. From the government perspective, category management will save time and money and help achieve best value. Why should you care and prepare? Because contracts that are set to expire in the next few years will most likely be procured under new categories. That means that your current siloed, duplicative incumbent contracts will disappear, and your company must therefore bid and win new consolidated MACs in order to survive and thrive. What can you do to prepare? Educate … Continue reading Category management: change is coming!

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