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5 tips for improving your business pipeline and bottom line

Highly profitable businesses are agile. They devote time to researching new bids and pruning their pipeline to maximize their win rate. Their bid staff keep a challenging workload, yet they have enough time to focus on each bid. Does this sound like a wishful thinking? It doesn’t have to be. Here are five tips that can help re-energize your businesses pipeline and increase your win rate. 1. Devote time to creating a realistic 3-year pipeline Create a realistic 3-year pipeline as a baseline. Expedite your search for potential bids by investing in commercial databases, go-to-market services, and competitive analyses. Weight the pipeline with conservative bids. Allocate a smaller part of the pipeline to more aggressive bids that either need heavy bid and proposal (B&P) investment, minimize your profit potential, or focus on new customers or new lines of business. 2. Implement a status dashboard and an integrated master schedule (IMS) … Continue reading 5 tips for improving your business pipeline and bottom line

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Are personalities ruling your color team reviews?

There are anywhere from four to 16 different personality types depending on your Google search results. In the context of proposal color team reviews, proposal managers and review team leads have probably encountered quite a medley of non-constructive participants who seem to do everything in their power to impede progress. Adding to this problem is the increase in virtual review meetings. When reviewers are not physically present, they often exhibit different (ruder) personality types than they would in person. Here are six personality types that I’ve witnessed and six tips for how to deal with them. 1. The Dominator This reviewer takes over the meeting; straying off the planned agenda and timeline; voicing their opinions and recommendations first, foremost, loudest; and often interrupting others. They may even stray off topic, going off on tangents that serve no purpose. If the Dominator is the proposal manager’s direct or indirect boss, it … Continue reading Are personalities ruling your color team reviews?

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Federal Government shutdown, continuing resolutions (CRs), and what contractors need to do

Contractor resources for addressing government shutdowns

Mark Amtower’s January 19, 2018 show on Federal News Radio discussed the Federal Government shutdown and related steps contractors need to take—as well as Continuing Resolutions (CRs) and past shutdowns from both the government and contractor points of view. The show also provided step-by-step guidance on how to minimize a shutdown’s impact on contractors, employees, and their customers. Simon Szykman, former CIO of the Department of Commerce and NIST and current CTO of Attain, and Bob Lohfeld, CEO of Lohfeld Consulting Group, provide the commentary. The show is the first one that takes a close look at shutdowns and their impact on the contractor community. Some of the interesting discussions during the broadcast include: Mark Amtower pointed out an appalling statistic from the Bipartisan Policy Center—from 1976 to present, there have only been four budgets passed on time. The last one passed on time was in 1996—22 years ago. What … Continue reading Federal Government shutdown, continuing resolutions (CRs), and what contractors need to do

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The real cost of CRs and shutdowns | Amtower Off-Center

Click here to listen to Mark’s interview On January 22, 2018 Amtower Off Center host Mark Amtower talked with Simon Szykman (CTO of Attain and former CIO of Commerce) and Bob Lohfeld (CEO, Lohfeld Consulting) about continuing resolutions and shutdowns. CRs are both a way of  life and a standing joke in the govcon arena, but there are consequences. Shutdowns, less frequent, but often threatened, have both significant costs and dire consequences beyond the parks being closed. Topics include: The impact of CRs on agencies and contractors The end-of-FY spending as a result of CRs The mandated preparation by contractors and Feds for impending shutdowns Small business collateral damage as a result of shutdowns Shutdown impact on the overall economy Hosted by nationally-known speaker and consultant Mark Amtower, Amtower Off-Center highlights the good, the bad, the ugly and the just plain silly of doing business in the government market. Every week experts … Continue reading The real cost of CRs and shutdowns | Amtower Off-Center

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