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3 meeting management best practices

Save time and build credibility by scheduling meetings only when discussion is required

Meetings are essential in business and proposals, but they also waste a lot of time. We groan about the weekly proposal staff meeting because it takes away from productive time at our desks. Meetings from corporate and HR are unnecessarily long, leaving you wishing that you’d skipped each and asked a coworker to fill you in. Then there are those meaningful meetings you’re anticipating—like the strategy and solution sessions—but when there’s no follow-up after the meeting, ideas dissipate and you end up repeating conversations and decisions. Or worse, immediately after the meeting you realize that you and your colleagues walked away with very different impressions of what happened in the meeting, nullifying any progress you thought you’d made. While we’ve all bemoaned these kinds of ineffective meetings, sometimes we perpetuate these issues when we’re the meeting leader. We can save everyone some time and build credibility in our organizations by scheduling meetings … Continue reading 3 meeting management best practices

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Implementing healthier choices into our proposal development environments

The federal proposal development environment is not conducive to good health; we often experience lack of sleep, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition. We diminish our cardiovascular capabilities day-by-day, sitting in front of computers with aching backs and necks. Proposal professionals are often tasked with working late nights on large proposal efforts, hindering sleep habits and increasing chronic stress levels. Company-sponsored food usually consists of pizza or sweet treats, and the compressed timetables and never-ending to-do lists mean skipping meals or resorting to fast food. In fact, I knew one colleague who regularly ate Pop-Tarts out of vending machines to keep himself going late at night. Do any of these depictions describe your work environment? This combination of stress, sedentary tasks, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition is a prescription for a litany of health issues, from high blood pressure to obesity to heart disease. As important as our jobs are, we … Continue reading Implementing healthier choices into our proposal development environments

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APMP releases new Body of Knowledge (BOK) – Lohfeld Consulting Group staff contributions

Instant access to the BD, capture, and proposal industry’s best practices

APMP International just released its new APMP Body of Knowledge (BOK) to its members. Per APMP: [The APMP BOK gives] you instant access to the most comprehensive, diverse representation of your industry’s best practices. The new APMP Body of Knowledge represents the collected wisdom of the world’s leading professionals in proposal, bid, and opportunity management and business development. The APMP BOK was authored and reviewed by more than 80 industry experts using 70 research-based publications. The APMP BOK contains the APMP Glossary of Proposal Industry Terms, with a “pop-up” map to industry terms and their geographic equivalents. Members are encouraged to leave comments, which will be assessed during quarterly updates and continuous enhancements. Lohfeld Consulting Group staff Brenda Crist, CPP APMP Fellow; Wendy Frieman, CPP APMP Fellow; Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP; Tom Gorman, CF APMP; and Beth Wingate, CF APMP Fellow were competitively selected by a team of APMP evaluators … Continue reading APMP releases new Body of Knowledge (BOK) – Lohfeld Consulting Group staff contributions

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AppMaven’s MS Word tips and tricks for non-desktop publishers – Nov. 21, 2014

MS Word has become the industry standard tool for developing proposals—are you getting the most out of the tool to make your proposals look professional? Beth Wingate, aka AppMaven, revealed desktop publishers’ best-kept secrets for maximizing MS Word 2010/2013’s proposal formatting capabilities at the 2014 APMP-NCA Mid-Atlantic Conference. She demonstrated her favorite tools, shortcuts, and tips live for the audience (e.g., formatting tricks to get within page count) and provided a take-home reference guide. Beth also prepared a 15-page cheat sheet with step-by-step instructions for her top 10 must-know functions in MS Word 2010/2013 if you’re in charge of creating proposal documents for your company – and you haven’t had a lot of MS Word experience. Click to download AppMaven’s MS Word Tips & Tricks for Non-desktop Publishers 2014 cheat sheet. Click to download AppMaven MS Word Placemat.

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