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Business Performance During a Disease Outbreak

A relevant research study for working safely in the midst of an outbreak.

The novel coronavirus is causing a pandemic of COVID-19 infections. There is no debate on this fact. The pandemic is dramatic and terrifying – we have widespread illness and death not only across the United States, but across the globe. The numbers are staggering and increasing. We have changed our behaviors in the face of this crisis. We readily take on steps that only a few weeks or months earlier would have been seen as difficult or onerous; we wash our hands (endlessly, it seems), we resist touching others and objects others have touched, and we self-isolate to stay safe and healthy. We long to return to “normal.” We not only want to interact with others, but we want – and need – to return to work. The economy demands it, and we personally hope for it. But how do we do this and stay safe and healthy? How can … Continue reading Business Performance During a Disease Outbreak

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[Webinar replay available] Social distancing – Why it impacts your proposal writing (and 6 strategies for winning content) | Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar

Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar

Click to watch webinar replay and download presentation Social distancing creates obvious (and less obvious) change in the workplace. Working from home and remote locations, proposal teams and evaluators face new and different distractions. Evaluators contend with decreased time and concentration, so your proposals must grab and hold their attention with better written, compelling content. How will you deliver a sharpened message that communicates value? How will your writing change? How will you maintain your momentum with your team? In this webinar, you’ll learn methods and techniques to win in this time of change. We discuss how to: Write less dense text with more targeted sound bites. Structure your content for traditional written proposals—and virtual orals, videos, and team challenges. Make your proposal more visually appealing and impactful. Clearly communicate your discriminating value proposition. Capture evaluators’ attention during uncertain times. Join us to learn six strategies for adapting and changing … Continue reading [Webinar replay available] Social distancing – Why it impacts your proposal writing (and 6 strategies for winning content) | Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar

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Winning “must win” deals

Understand the customer’s needs, not just their requirements

“Oh, by the way, this is a must win deal for us,” my boss said as we concluded our conversation. The RFP had dropped, and I was to lead the final proposal effort. The company was getting ready to graduate from the small business world. Like many, we were looking to win as many small business IDIQ vehicles as we could to cushion our transition. The opportunity fit within our core competencies—but with an agency and government sector new to us. While there had been some pre-RFP activity and team building, it was focused on smaller companies familiar with the sector, but not with the agency. My work was cut out for me! Carefully considering the situation, I determined we needed to do three things to win: Fully understand the customer’s needs, not just their requirements. Propose a strong solution to meet both the requirements and the needs. Build in … Continue reading Winning “must win” deals

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Now is the perfect time to do an opportunity pipeline review

Is your opportunity still coming…but the capture team is working from home?

As Industry increasingly invests in working virtually, this is the perfect time to perform an in-depth opportunity pipeline review. Companies use a variety of tools to manage their pipelines (SalesForce, Microsoft CRM, Excel, etc.). These tools facilitate developing “just in time” reports or snapshots of any part of the pipeline; you can showcase these portions of the pipeline in your virtual meetings and update them in real time. Before using one of these tools, it is important to prepare. Start by reviewing how your opportunity pursuits become part of your pipeline. Identifying in which “quadrant” of pursuit they fit is the first step. This helps the team understand the challenges that lie ahead in the pursuit: Once the quadrant is identified, the details of pipeline development and population can be addressed: Assess your capture status: Schedule meetings with your capture managers and market leadership to examine the capture status of … Continue reading Now is the perfect time to do an opportunity pipeline review

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