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No metrics? No proposal win!

There’s a third element in the winning equation: metrics

Features tell, and benefits sell. However, the solution features and benefits alone are insufficient. There is a third element in the winning equation: metrics. To win in the federal market, bidders need features, benefits, and proof points. When features with proven benefits exceed requirements and/or significantly reduce risk in a manner the customer values, the bidder earns a Strength or Significant Strength. Quite often, what prevents the bidder from achieving a Strength and ultimately winning is lack of metrics. A proposal without metrics falls flat Submitting a proposal without metrics is like trying to achieve results without any objectives. Similar to the old saying, what gets measured, gets done, in proposals, quantitative facts back up the merits of the solution. Too many bidders rely on vague statements, unsubstantiated bragging, and claims without merit. Question every feature with a proven benefit by asking: How so? So what? By how much? Within … Continue reading No metrics? No proposal win!

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Does the latest CIO-SP4 amendments create inequities?

NITAAC’s sudden shift might put small businesses without large partners at a disadvantage

The National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC)’s highly anticipated Chief Information Officer – Solutions and Partners 4 (CIO-SP4) RFP, released June 25, has already seen four amendments and a proposal due date extension to July 8. But the latest amendment, #4, has caught some bidders, especially small businesses, off-guard. A Change to CIO-SP4 Self-Scoring In the original solicitation, bidders with Contractor Teaming Arrangements (CTAs) or Joint Ventures (JVs) could use only prime contractor Corporate Experience, Leading Edge Technology, Federal Multiple Award contracts, and Executive Order 13779 experience examples as documented on the self-scoring worksheet. With the exception of the latter, the higher the dollar value of these experiences, the better the score. In Amendment #4, NITAAC removed the prohibition on using first-tier subcontractor experience examples. The rationale for the change is that “it is not NITAACs intent to remove the ability of offerors to utilize first … Continue reading Does the latest CIO-SP4 amendments create inequities?

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A Microsoft Word feature you will love!

Discover lesser-known features that really improve productivity

We all use it! Microsoft Word. The number 1 software tool used for proposal preparation. In time, we all discover those lesser-known features that really improve productivity. The Style Separator is one of my favorites. Style Separator This feature was revolutionary for me. It enables you to use multiple styles in a paragraph. For example, the Style Separator enables you to define figure or table action captions using a Caption style for the figure name (e.g., Figure 1-1. Organization Chart) and a different style for the descriptive portion of the action caption. The trick is to first create the Caption using References > Insert Caption. After creating the figure name or title, hit Enter and create the description/narrative language about the figure as a second paragraph, using another style. Now you have these two paragraphs: Figure 1-1. Organization Chart. Our Organization is flat, with direct lines of communication to the … Continue reading A Microsoft Word feature you will love!

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7 ways a technical volume lead can improve the business volume

Integration of the Technical Volume Lead and Business Volume Lead can improve the content of the Business Volume

Our industry tends to separate the work of Technical Volume Leads and Business Volume Leads. Clearly, businesses need to protect their rate structures, pricing, and salary information. However, there are many good reasons why the tight integration of the Technical Volume Lead and Business Volume Lead can improve the content of the Business Volume. The following table recommends several ways a Technical Volume Lead can help improve a Business Volume’s compliance, responsiveness, and content. By Brenda Crist, Vice President at Lohfeld Consulting Group, MPA, CPP APMP Fellow Lohfeld Consulting Group has proven results specializing in helping companies create winning captures and proposals. As the premier capture and proposal services consulting firm focused exclusively on government markets, we provide expert assistance to government contractors in Go-to-Market Strategy, Capture Planning and Strategy, Proposal Management and Writing, Capture and Proposal Process and Infrastructure, and Training. In the last 3 years, we’ve supported over 550 … Continue reading 7 ways a technical volume lead can improve the business volume

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