OASIS+ Proposal Management Tool Update – FREE

Lohfeld Consulting Group is offering industry our OASIS+ Proposal Management Tool to manage your project selection and analyze scores for each candidate project. We have updated it for the second draft of the OASIS+ request for proposal (RFP).

Our tool is an expansion of the Government’s J.P-8 Rev 3-8 Scoresheet with eight (8) worksheets associated with the eight domains to select and analyze your qualifying projects (QPs) and calculate projected scores associated with each scoring element.

OASIS+ Proposal Management Tool Contents

The tool contains complete compliance matrices for RFP sections L and M for small and unrestricted business categories. The tool contains complete domain descriptions from RFP Section C, so everything is in one place for easy reference.

Each scoresheet tab has three groups of columns. The first is for scoresheet items and associated QPs. The second is for capturing the QP elements, and the third is for identifying and tracking the artifacts that contain your proof points.

Steps for Using the OASIS+ Proposal Management Tool

To use the tool:

  1. Select a domain you are interested in bidding on (e.g., M&A) and go to that scoresheet tab.
  2. Enter the qualifying project details for relevant and non-relevant projects.
  3. Select which of the relevant or non-relevant QPs provide scoring capabilities in the remaining scoring elements for each domain.

You can also use the tool to manage the tags you select for highlighting the proof points in your artifacts and for tracking those artifacts that actually contain the proof points.

Download our OASIS+ Proposal Management Tool

CLICK HERE to download our free OASIS+ Proposal Management Tool.