50 Words and Phrases that Support Past Performance Development

50 words to improve your proposalsThere is a saying that either your past performance is an “A or an F” because your competition only provides grade A past performance. In a close competition your past performance could be the difference between a win and second place. Help customers recognize your outstanding performance by providing metrics, proof points, and facts that are critical to earning the top grade. Consider using any of the following 50 words or phrases to call attention to your exceptional performance.


  1. Ability
  2. Accomplish
  3. Achieve
  4. Additional
  5. Advance
  6. Award
  7. Best
  8. Capability
  9. Capacity
  10. Certified
  11. Competence
  12. Decrease
  13. Earn
  14. Enhance
  15. Exceed
  16. Excel
  17. Experience
  18. Expertise
  19. Gain
  20. Groundbreaking
  21. Improved
  22. Increase
  23. Innovate
  24. Led
  25. Measure
  26. Metric
  27. Modernize
  28. More than
  29. Qualifications
  30. Reach back
  31. Realize
  32. Reduce
  33. Retain
  34. Skill
  35. Transform

Phrases (Before using one of the words listed above, qualify your statement with a proof point from your experience related to a customer requirement, as demonstrated below.)

  1. Customer ABC reduced their Cloud costs an additional 10% based on our post migration measurement of Cloud use by their stakeholders.
  2. While the RFP requires 10 staff key members who hold mid-level certifications, our 7 of our 10 key personnel hold advanced certifications enabling them to address project DEF’s more complex development tasks without external vendor support.
  3. Customer GHI awarded our team the Small Business Achievement Award for helping them fulfill their mission requirements.
  4. To accelerate productivity, our company offers several complementary capabilities.
  5. We exceeded Customer ABC’s requirement to fulfill customer requests in eight hours by implementing a new workflow process that decreased fulfillment time to four hours.
  6. We provided Customer RST with survey methodology expertise to fix anomalies found in preliminary survey results.
  7. Our publicity team helped a new restaurant gain a 25% market share of local business through its multi-media marketing campaign.
  8. We implemented a groundbreaking robotics solution for Customer ABC that met their mission requirements on schedule and 10% under budget.
  9. Our team of 250 multi-lingual help desk agents increased Customer ABC’s ability to engage with more than 10,000 users who prefer to speak in languages other than English.
  10. Our team has more than 10 years of experience completing 100% of the RFP requirements with exceptional customer references.
  11. Our team modernized Customer’s ABC data repository by migrating it to the new platform, creating a new data services catalog, and reducing the number of data models from 75 to 38.
  12. We provided reach back to 25 help desk agents to help Customer LMN overcome an unforeseen and immediate work surge last quarter.
  13. We helped Customer JKL reduce hosting costs by 25% by migrating System XYZ to the Cloud.
  14. We retained an average 95% of staff members annually.
  15. After transitioning to the new contract, our team transformed help desk scripts, which reduced call handle time by 10%.

By Brenda Crist, Vice President at Lohfeld Consulting Group, MPA, CPP APMP Fellow

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