Strength-Based Winning™: Training Refresh

Lohfeld Consulting Group’s Strength-Based Winning™ training helps you vet, solution, articulate and deliver a compelling proposal that speaks directly to what the customer values. Our students learn how to develop a discriminating value proposition that government evaluators will award top scores. Recent updates to our training content now help you stand out in a crowded marketplace even more effectively.

New Federal government case study: Our standard class offering includes multiple team activities based on one case study and solicitation. Students learn how to identify potential strengths and weaknesses, vet Strengths and mitigate weaknesses, solution to Strengths, articulate the solution in proposal writing, and conduct effective Strength-Based color team reviews using Government scoresheets. We also offer the opportunity for tailoring content for private classes: give us a capture plan, RFP and corresponding proposal, and we’ll develop a tailored case study that reflects your typical business opportunities.

Strength-Based task order bids: Our Strength-Based methodology is based on FAR Part 15.3, which requires government evaluators to score best value trade-off bids based on Strengths, weaknesses, deficiencies and risks. However, many companies primarily bid task order proposals. For Multiple Award Contracts (MACs), the procuring Contracting Officer may use FAR Part 16 which allows for a more streamlined approach and does not require that the Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) document Strengths, weaknesses, deficiencies and risks. Our training instructs students on how to apply our methodology effectively to task order bids which still require a discriminating value proposition.

Articulating Strengths with SUPS: SUPS is the acronym for our new approach to Strength-Based proposal writing. Many proposals fail due to ineffective handoff from capture and solutioning to writing. With our Strength Statement, Understanding, Process and Summary approach, writers have a one-voice, clear approach to presenting Strengths. The emphasis is on the customer: demonstrating your solution exceeds customer expectations for quality, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, compliance, mission success and/or risk mitigation. The emphasis is also on the how: in what specific ways your offering will accomplish contract performance objectives resulting in specific proven benefits the customer values.

Understanding the Benefits. Proposals often confuse features and benefits. To award to a higher priced offer in a best value trade-off, government evaluators must document the benefits the customer will receive in order to justify higher cost. Therefore, every feature of your offering must benefit the customer. Our updated training gives students more practice vetting and articulating benefits as the outcome of your Strength features, such as reduced time, cost or errors and/or increased quality, mission success, compliance or customer satisfaction. Team activities also focus on proofs because research shows evaluators will not award a Strength without substantiating evidence.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Our training class is very interactive because the only way to gain skills in Strength-Based winning is to practice. We allow ample opportunity in class to practice newly learned skills, and we offer tools so students can apply these skills as quickly as possible. Our trainers encourage questions, discussion and even friendly disagreement so we can all learn and excel!

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By Lisa Pafe, Vice President at Lohfeld Consulting Group, CPP APMP Fellow and PMI PMP

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