Things I wish proposal writers knew about MS Word

APMP Chesapeake Chapter Webinar | Dec. 13, 2017

APMP Chesapeake Chapter Free webinar

When: Wed., Dec. 13, 2017     12:00 pm EST

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Microsoft Word. A seemingly easy tool to use, but a tool with many features and optimum ways of using those features to assist our proposal development activities. If only your authors knew the dangers of “cut and paste.” What do you mean, use the “styles”? How to deploy proposal templates. That’s not how you make a hanging indent! …And other mysteries!

Based on years of having to incorporate author content into winning proposals, join Dick Eassom (aka Wordman) and the APMP Chesapeake Chapter for an hour of basics (and some not-so-basics) for proposal production teams to show proposal authors on how Word works and what we can do to get proposal authors to be a help, not a hindrance, to proposal development.

Presenter: Dick Eassom is a certified APMP Fellow, past APMP CEO, recipient of the APMP Founders’ Award, presenter at 12 APMP Annual International Conferences and numerous APMP chapter events, and Chair of the APMP California Chapter. He authored over 40 “Wordman’s Production Corner” articles published in the APMP Perspective.

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