GSA OASIS SB Pool 2: New mod opens the door to more bidders

The General Services Administration (GSA) issued a new modification on January 5 that significantly widens the opportunity for Small Businesses (SBs) to apply for the OASIS Pool 2 On-Ramp. GSA extended the deadline to submit proposals from January 10 to January 26 to accommodate these changes.

As a reminder, the OASIS SB Pool 2 on-ramp is occurring first because GSA filled only 9 of the available 40 slots. They intend to make 31 awards, but did not publish a minimum score as they did for other pools due to the lack of competition on the original RFP.

With the January 5 modifications, bidders now have a much longer list of NAICS codes or Product Service Codes (PSCs) from which to select Relevant Experience Primary Projects. The change allows bidders to more easily garner maximum points for this very critical proposal section.

Another change is to the Relevant Experience Secondary Projects from Multiple Award (MA) IDIQs or BPAs. Prior to the latest modification, bidders had to submit details on individual MA IDIQs or BPAs and the resultant Task Orders (TOs). Bidders had to have a minimum number of TOs, with points increasing for more TOs. Now bidders can combine MA contracts to reach the minimum and maximum requirements for number of TOs awarded, making it easier to gain maximum points for this section as well.

If you have already drafted your proposal, take another look to gain additional points. If you were finding it difficult to qualify previously, revisit the OASIS SB Pool 2 on-ramp to see if your company is now competitive.

While these changes make it easier to gain points, they also increase the number of potential bidders and raise the competitiveness level for award.

By Lisa Pafe | Expert in winning government business | PMI PMP | CPP APMP Fellow | APMP-NCA President | Trainer

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