APB: A Writing Model for Reluctant Writers, Enigmatic Engineers, and Circuitous SMEs [presentation slides]

Proposal managers routinely receive non-compliant, unclear, and dry content. Those asked to write proposals often resist because they aren’t good writers or they’re new to proposals.

In this presentation, Julia Quigley introduces the “APB writing model” to alleviate those concerns. APB stands for Approach summary, Process, and Benefits explanation: three essential elements for responding to every requirement in the solicitation. This presentation explains what each element should accomplish, connects these elements to evaluator scoring habits, explains how to scale APB to fit page limitations, demonstrates APB’s impact on evaluators, and shows how to build a response from scratch with APB.

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With a Master’s in Rhetoric and Composition, Julia Quigley has created proposal writing strategies and conducted training to help subject matter experts understand how to respond clearly and compellingly to solicitation requirements. Prior to joining Lohfeld Consulting Group, Julia managed proposals for small and mid-sized federal contractors and taught persuasive writing classes at Texas State University. She applies the lessons she taught as well as lessons learned to all her proposal and training projects.