AppMaven's 250+ recommended PC, web-based, iOS, Android, and Windows tools for 2016

Everyone involved with winning business for their companies uses technology (laptops/tablets/smart phones/wearables) daily to aid their efforts. Whether you focus on BD, capture, proposal management, writing, editing, graphics, or contracts, you have favorite tools you couldn’t live without!

Forrester surveyed 2,045 technology decision makers, and over half “reported that wearables were a priority—32% replying that wearables are a critical or high priority” over the coming year.

Download the newly updated AppMaven’s Favorite PC, web, iOS, Android, and Windows Tools – 2016 checklist for 2016 with over 250 handy PC and web-based applications and iOS/Android/Windows tools. Many are free, and all are suitable for one-person to multi-department corporate proposal centers.

Please email your favorite BD/Proposal tools and apps to for review and possible inclusion in future presentations and posts. Thanks to everyone for your great recommendations!

Beth Wingate, APMP 2013/2014 CEO/Past CEO and APMP Fellow (aka AppMaven), has more than 25 years’ proposal development, management, training, and corporate communications experience at Lohfeld Consulting Group, Lockheed Martin/MSD (proposal center director), and Learning Tree Intl. An avid technologist, she has spent her career finding ways to use technology to enhance her teams’ business processes and customer deliverables. She frequently presents at APMP International and regional conferences.

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