APMP releases new Body of Knowledge (BOK) – Lohfeld Consulting Group staff contributions

APMP International just released its new APMP Body of Knowledge (BOK) to its members. Per APMP:

[The APMP BOK gives] you instant access to the most comprehensive, diverse representation of your industry’s best practices.

The new APMP Body of Knowledge represents the collected wisdom of the world’s leading professionals in proposal, bid, and opportunity management and business development. The APMP BOK was authored and reviewed by more than 80 industry experts using 70 research-based publications.

The APMP BOK contains the APMP Glossary of Proposal Industry Terms, with a “pop-up” map to industry terms and their geographic equivalents. Members are encouraged to leave comments, which will be assessed during quarterly updates and continuous enhancements.

Lohfeld Consulting Group staff Brenda Crist, CPP APMP Fellow; Wendy Frieman, CPP APMP Fellow; Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP; Tom Gorman, CF APMP; and Beth Wingate, CF APMP Fellow were competitively selected by a team of APMP evaluators to research and write 8 of the 52 research-based topics, (including 21 associated tools/templates) and served on the Blue Ribbon Panel reviewing and vetting the content of various topics.

References our team wrote include:

  • Budgets. A proposal budget is the cost or resources required to create a proposal. Teams can create accurate budgets by tracking performance over time. (2 tools/templates) –Brenda Crist
  • Collaboration and Other Proposal Automation Tools. Businesses use automation tools to enhance their proposal development workflows. To get the most out of these tools, you must choose the right ones for your organization. (1 tool/template) –Beth Wingate
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems. Customer relationship management is the process of interacting with and understanding your customers—and getting them to know, like, and trust you over your competition. (1 tool/template) –Tom Gorman
  • Daily Team Management. Keeping your team moving toward delivery of an on-time, compliant, winning proposal calls for a blend of consistency, flexibility, and judgment. (3 tools/templates) –Wendy Frieman
  • Production Management. Production management is the process of getting a proposal formatted, published, and delivered to a customer. Although it occurs at the end of a proposal process, teams should begin planning for production as soon as preliminary production needs are known. (7 tools/templates) –Beth Wingate
  • Proof Points. Proof points, drawn from past performance and experience, give tangible evidence that builds confidence in your solution’s features and benefits. (1 tool/template) –Lisa Pafe
  • Quality Management. Quality management enforces both opportunity and proposal processes and product quality. It also defines the means to measure and achieve quality. (1 tool/template) –Lisa Pafe
  • Scheduling. Effectively allocating time and resources across multiple tasks—and communicating and enforcing milestones—are essential parts of proposal management. (5 tools/templates) –Wendy Frieman

We’re proud to share our team’s best practices with APMP professionals around the world. Visit APMP and the new BOK to review these topics, learn more, and take advantage of this industry best-practices resource for APMP members.

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