The end of the incumbent empire – 10 ways to unseat the incumbent

In the past several years, incumbents have lost their advantage in the Federal Government market. Industry studies show that incumbent contractors now have approximately the same win rate on rebids as non-incumbents. Rapid technological change, as well as fiscal constraints, mean that customers are more willing to consider alternatives. Still, winning a bid against an incumbent contractor is a challenge because best informed wins, and the incumbent is still the best informed.

In this webinar, Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP and Lohfeld Consulting Group Principal Consultant, provides 10 proven best practices to create a competitive edge over the incumbent in today’s changing environment.

Click to watch the webinar replay and download the presentation and research brief.

(Look for Part 2 of The End of the Incumbent Empire: Remaining as Incumbent in the next couple of months.)

Your speaker: Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP, Principal Consultant with Lohfeld Consulting Group

Lisa Pafe brings 25 years’ experience in management consulting, marketing, business development, project management, and proposal management. Her experience also encompasses project management, business process improvement, and organizational change management. She is a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds APMP Professional-level certification (CPP APMP). She is a trained Internal Auditor for ISO 9001:2008. Lisa has managed hundreds of winning government proposals and brings extensive experience in all aspects of business capture and proposal operations.
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