How integrated capture and proposal software can help you win before RFP release

Tired of wasting your precious limited resources going after those “pop-up must wins” in an undisciplined way? OK, so you don’t have enough time, staff or budget to do what you need to do to win. Who does? So you just wait until the RFP is released to ensure the opportunity is “real” before you do anything, which will maximize the use of those limited resources, right? Wrong.

In this webinar, Tom Gorman shows you how the right integrated Capture and Proposal software solution can help you do it the right way, focusing on the things that are truly important, positioning your team to win before the RFP is even released, and finishing strong with a winning proposal. Affordably. Efficiently. Correctly.

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Top Takeaways:

  • What are the no-kidding things you need to be doing during Capture, given your limited resources, and how you can standardize them across your enterprise?
  • When is the right time to start engaging in a pursuit, and what do you do when?
  • What are the key contributors to an optimized win probability?
  • How you can measure how you’re doing along the way?
  • How you can use integrated Capture and Proposal solution software to help you organize for success?