Are you happy with 50 percent?

Download Are you happy with 50 percent? Lisa Pafe, APMP Bid & Proposal Con 2014 presentation

Are you happy with 50 percent?  That’s what Don Draper of Mad Men asked his creative team when their win rate declined and motivation lagged.

Research shows contractor proposal win rates are typically in the 30-50 percent range.  Often, as Capture or Proposal Manager, we sense that our team’s productivity level is at 30-50 percent as well.

This presentation challenges us to think outside the box to better manage our bid and proposal (B&P) teams, resulting not only in productivity gains but also increased win rates.

Lisa applies organizational theory and lessons learned for greater effectiveness and focuses on innovative solutions to team productivity issues such as low morale, poor quality work, bad decisions, conflicts and non-compliance.

Just like Don Draper, we can expect more and get more from our B&P teams.

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