How is the capture process applied in LPTA competitions?

During Bob Lohfeld’s recent Bold trends in capture and proposal management webinar, part of the Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar Series, Bob presented some of the more interesting trends in capture and proposal management and discussed how these are changing the competitive landscape for companies looking to increase their win probabilities.

Bob answered a number of questions for webinar participants during and after the webinar. This blog series presents those questions and Bob’s answers.

Q: In a lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) competition, how is the capture process applied where most of the process is now involved with pricing strategy first, and technical as a secondary qualifier?

A: This really needs to be a discussion. What I would tell you is the process should be the same for LPTA and other best-value procurements. How you apply what you learn carrying out the capture process is different, but the steps in capture are the same.

Click to watch the webinar replay and download Bob’s presentation.

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How do you apply your capture process in LPTA competitions? What advice can you provide to others looking to compete under LPTA? Send your thoughts to me at, and we’ll share your advice in upcoming posts!