Have capture steps and process, but lack analytics?

During Bob Lohfeld’s recent Bold trends in capture and proposal management webinar, part of the Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar Series, Bob presented some of the more interesting trends in capture and proposal management and discussed how these are changing the competitive landscape for companies looking to increase their win probabilities.

Bob answered a number of questions for webinar participants during and after the webinar. This blog series presents those questions and Bob’s answers.

Q: We have capture steps/process that we follow (which probably most other companies have), and we tally the wins/losses/cancelled, but the analytics is what we lack.

A: Your analytics don’t have to be very complex to begin getting meaningful data about your organization and begin optimizing your process. If you make up a balanced score card (see slide #9) to color score the attributes of a good procurement to pursue and use that, you will begin to see that sound pursuit decisions generally result in a win.

You will also see that there are some managers who bid and lose almost every time, and there are others who win more often than not. These managers are just making better pursuit decisions.

Start your analytics by keeping it simple and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn.

Click to watch the webinar replay and download Bob’s presentation.

What capture analytics do you use? How effective are they in improving your pursuit decisions? Send your thoughts to me at BWingate@LohfeldConsulting.com, and we’ll share your advice in upcoming posts!




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