What our clients are saying…

Winning with Lohfeld Consulting Group support

“We received feedback from the client that our proposal was easy to read, addressed all the requirements, and was ordered in such a way that it made it very easy to score from a compliance perspective, thanks to your help. Your expertise was a great asset to our team and we learned a great deal in the process.”

“You’re batting a 1,000!”

“Your red-line suggestions are excellent – to the point where most of our notes were not necessary.”

“It really was an excellent proposal. And a large part of the credit goes to [Lohfeld expert] for the tremendous job she did managing this for us. A great job.”

“Many thanks to you, we have been awarded a contract.”

“Please allow me to express my sincere appreciation for the tremendous help [the Lohfeld expert] provided to [us] with our two most recent proposals. Without her diligence, hard work, and several late nights and early mornings, we would not have been able to meet our deadlines. And she did so much more than that; thanks to her dedicated efforts, we were able to transition from our major recompete to another large, complex proposal virtually overnight without missing a beat. The attention she pays to the details of each proposal is clear to see. She keeps everyone motivated and focused on getting the job done. We are so very pleased and fortunate indeed that she is on our team.”

“Thank you so much for helping through this arduous, and sometimes frustrating process; don’t know we would have made it without you.”

“No other week in my career provided me with as many benefits as spending last week with you did.”

“Thank you all for your invaluable contributions to helping us win the rebid! All of your time and effort were crucial in ensuring that we submitted the strongest technical response and most competitive price.”

“The Proposal Matrix tool is extraordinary as a one-stop shop that breaks down an RFP into bite-sized portions for the writers (an area we have historically struggled with).”

“This was one of the best proposals that we have ever submitted.”

“We are certainly happy with the award decision and we value the support that you provided to us.”

“[Lohfeld expert], I truly appreciate all of your help through the weekend and even beyond. We’d love to continue working with you in the future.”

“[We] would like to continue utilizing your services as we go into the next phase of the GSA process…our partners have been so pleased with our Lohfeld experience, we want to secure it during this crucial part of the process :-)”

“…after 2 years the DOE has finally selected 21 companies for their ESPC IDIQ Award and [we were] one of the 21. I just wanted to let you folks know that your services were valued and the proposal was a winner.”

“Each of you played an absolutely critical role in the success of probably the best proposal we have ever put together in the history of [company]… [Lohfeld expert] – your assistance with the proposal management, editing, writing, and interviewing was just invaluable. This is the first time we have ever had outside help, and even though it has only been a couple weeks with everything you took in and digested it feels like you were really a part of our [company] team – thank you for all your guidance and help – it really made this go round so much better for us – and by “us” I mean absolutely for me!”

“I think we are in a great place and can’t thank you enough for your help and insight…It’s been great having you on the team and look forward to working with you again in the future.”

“I wanted to thank each of you for all of your efforts on the proposal. Your long hours, hard work, and thought leadership made a tremendous difference in the end product…we ended up with a great proposal.”

“I wasn’t sure if you were aware that we won the bid. Congrats, and it was in large part to your leadership.”

“Just wanted to let you know that [the consultant] did an incredible job. She is a gem.”

“Thanks so much for your help, the graphics and your quick turn were awesome, we will definitely look for your support again.”

“The help you’ve provided has been invaluable, and will certainly serve us well in upcoming bids. I’d like to sincerely thank you both personally and on behalf of our company for your assistance, patience and consistent responsiveness.”

“This is B-E-A-U-tiful. I can’t think of anything to change.”