Orals Coaching & Video Proposals

Orals Development and Coaching

Orals Development. Using expert processes and productivity tools, our Orals Specialists guide group development, integration of win themes, and messaging to produce engaging slides and scripts for clients. Lohfeld specialists work with your team to provide a complete, responsive, and turnkey presentation effort to maximize your wins and business development ROI.

Orals Coaching. Beyond the presentation materials, significant elements of the oral presentation are communicated non-verbally and through gestures and emotions conveyed by your presenters.  Our coaches work extensively with both experienced and inexperienced key personnel to prepare and structure the winning message and team, ensuring that compliance, innovations, and strengths are discussed in a focused manner. We ensure each message is delivered with effective visual materials, gestures, and words for maximum impact on the potential customer.  We coach presenters at all skill levels and build confidence through videotaped rehearsals, pointed questioning, and meticulous message refinement. We align all coaching efforts to capture plans and evaluation criteria to achieve the highest possible scores.

Video Proposals

Increasingly, Federal Agencies are incorporating video proposals into their procurement strategies, and our experts will keep you ahead of the competition with professional videos that allow your team to showcase your compelling offer. Our video specialists have their own equipment and record your team at your facilities, on your schedule. Based on the abilities of your team, presenters can speak candidly based on targeted cue cards, or they can read a carefully crafted script via a teleprompter. We record multiple takes and use editing software to combine the best moments so that your team’s presentation appears flawless. The final product is a seamless presentation of your strategic content in a format that is fully compliant with RFP requirements.

To secure our support on your orals presentation or video proposal, please contact Beth Wingate at BWingate@LohfeldConsulting.com.